Our Beginning Preschool & Toddler Program

This Program is located in Building B and consists of three classrooms and two playgrounds to get children moving and learning.

Our Bright Beginnings Class

Serves our 18 - 24 month old children.

Our Small Wonders Class

Meets the needs of our terrific two year olds, ages 24 months to 36 months children.

Our Early Years Class

For our three years olds, non-toilet trained and toilet trained.

Step by Step, Your Child will Make Great Strides in the Bright Beginning Class

Our Bright Beginnings Class - with a maximum ratio of 6 children to one teacher - has been developed to meet the needs of children 18 months to 24 months. From the first steps to increasing their verbal skills in songs and finger plays, to teachers providing support for your child's progress, ACC has a fun and active learning environment. Your Toddler wants to explore the world and they are naturally curious about their surroundings. Your child will enjoy a daily balance of group time, tabletop activities, spirited music and movement, finger plays, creative art and outdoor activities.

Program Highlights

* Consistent Daily Schedule – AM and PM snacks, lunchtime, naptime with individual cots, regular diaper changes, we sanitize the used toys daily using ecofriendly products.

* Discover - they are learning through sensory experiences, cognitive exercises, and language and motor skills. Blocks, books, puzzles, manipulatives, play dough, water tables etc.

* Social Growth - Home Center, stories and songs that encourage language. Starting to develop relationships and building new friendships.

* Self Help Skills - Hand washing, sharing, pick up toys, put on own coats.

* Instilling Confidence - Discover the answer to a toddlers favorite question… Why and Where?

* Developmentally Appropriate Behavior - Strength in gross and motor skills and plenty of outdoor climbing, running and jumping to keep children moving and learning. Role model appropriate behavior, with words and redirection.

Expect the Best for Your Child in Our Small Wonders Class

Our Small Wonders Class with two teachers, a maximum ratio of 8/1 has been developed to meet the needs of children ages 24 months to 36 months. This age is learning about their abilities and themselves. Aware of social setting and exert independence. We have a balance of nurturing, learning and play. Develop at his or her own pace is encouraged and supported by staff.

Program Highlights

* Daily Schedule – A regular daily schedule is important to provide a feeling of safety and security for each child. We have daily group time and activities, potty training times and diapering, am and pm snack, lunch, and naptime with individual cots.

* Social Growth –Learning to play and share with each other in the home center, during table top activities, building with blocks or in the sand box are just a few fun ways we learn to build relationships and make friends

* Curriculum - Safe to explore the environment with a wide range of developmentally appropriate activities and provide a balance of indoor/outdoor, quiet/active, small/large groups and child/teacher initiated

* Cognitive Daily opportunities for children to recognize colors, shapes, introduce to numbers through creative art, songs, daily group time and learning centers.

* Get Set for Potty Training- Although children potty train at their own pace, you and your child's teacher will work together to provide the best environment for success.

We offer a Rich Learning Environment For Our Early Years Class

Our Early Years Class with two teachers, a maximum 10/1 ratio has been developed to meet the needs of children ages 36-48 months. Our classes are developed to build on one another as your child grows with us. This class is available for non-toilet trained and toilet trained children. Three year olds are so eager to learn and building friendships is very important.

Program Highlights

* Daily Schedule – A set daily schedule helps your children know what comes next and builds security. We have daily group time, AM and PM snacks, lunchtime, potty times and naptime with individual cots

* Social Growth - Sharing cooperatively and taking turns teaches the importance of being a team player.

* Curriculum: A monthly theme exposes the children to the world around them, and a wide range of hands-on developmentally appropriate materials and activities are available on a daily basis to help children of all abilities to learn and play. Abundant time is provided for the children to interact with one another and use of the provided materials such as puzzles, all art mediums, books, dramatic play center, blocks, and manipulatives to play and explore which is essential to childhood development. 

* Music and Movement – A vast array of songs and finger plays, music, and instruments, to get the children moving and learning.

* Self Help Skills – Learning to put on their shoes, use the potty, wash hands, clean up, put on their own clothes are just a few skills the children will feel proud of themselves and learn to do in a fun way.

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Ages Served:

18 months – 5th Grade

Hours of Operation:

Full Day 7:00am–5:00pm Half Day 7:00am–12:00pm

Beginning Preschool & Toddler Program:

T/Th Full or Half Day M/W/F Full or Half Day
M-F Full or Half Day

Preschool Program:

T/TH Full or Half Day M/W/F Full or Half Day
M-F Full or Half Day

School-Age Program:

We offer several programs for K-5th grade with a two day minimum per week.