Our Preschool Program

This Program is located in Building C and consists of three classrooms, each with their own playground built to their age group.

Early Years Class

Serves children 3 years of age and toilet trained.

Pre-Kindergarten Class

Serves children ages 4 and 5 years old, the year prior to Kindergarten.

Experience Your Child Make Giant Leaps In Our Early Years Class…

Our Early Years Class for three year olds is center-based, with curriculum planned for wide range of developmentally appropriate activities. The classroom is a community where learning takes place through positive relationships among peers and adults. Children learn the skills needed for making friends, solving social problems and sharing. Each member is a learner and a teacher. Our teacher's act primarily as facilitators encouraging and supporting the children to recognize they are competent and capable learners. Our teachers incorporate theme related materials, individual attention and child engagement. They lead group with the idea to express, listen and cooperate. Setting the pace for confidence and foundational skills.

Program Highlights

* Learning Centers- Dramatic play, math, science, art, books, writing, blocks and manipulative provide opportunities to balance both shared and independent learning experiences and promoting good work habits.

* Group Time- Learning to sit in a group and be introduced to our monthly theme, colors, shapes, numbers, weather, calendar and stories.

* Confidence- Explore, learn, seek friendships and socialize in a safe and nurturing environment.

* Fostering Self-Reliance- Providing opportunities for your child to develop self-confidence and practice decision-making in each center.

* Foundational Skills- Introduce cognitive skills, fine motor skills.

* Gross Motor Skills- Fitness and exploration in our outdoor environment. Through music and movement your child will dance, jump and experience all forms of creative movement.

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program Gives Your Child a Head Start On your Child's Future Academic Success!

Each class is designed as a stepping-stone to the next, then ultimately Kindergarten. Knowing that the year prior to Kindergarten is the last opportunity to provide the tools necessary for success, encouraged ACC to implement the Open Court Reading Program in our Pre-K classes. This is one of two reading programs adopted for use in CA schools. Since this is the program children will experience in the public school system, we feel it is valuable to teach this Pre-K curriculum. Incorporating the Open Court Reading Program with ACC's philosophy creates a well-balanced program between social and academic skills.

Program Highlights

* Learning Centers – A large selection of learning materials in each area of writing, all forms of art media, reading, cooking, building, manipulatives, science, math games and dramatic play.

* Group Time – Introduction to the Open Court monthly theme and concepts, building a stronger vocabulary through the calendar, weather, letters and sounds, stories, learning to take turns, sharing and interact in a large and small group setting.

* Special Guest Speakers –The Fire Dept, the Police, the ambulance co., a dentist and others in our community come and teach us about safety, health and a diverse of topics.

* Self Confidence – The environment is set up for successful learning, promoting good work habits and staying on task. Practice decision-making, seeking and being successful in friendships, problem solving, socializing in a safe and nurturing environment.

* Open Court Reading Program - Organized lessons for children to read with skill. Creates a literature rich environment that instills a passion for lifelong reading and the written word. Teaches the alphabet principle and print awareness Knowledge of Author, Illustrator and pieces of a book Excellent variety of literature and genres including fiction, non-fiction and poems Children learn and think about print Organized around universal themes that promotes critical thinking, such as Keep Trying, Friendship & Survival, I'm Special, Families Everywhere, All Kinds of Friends and Helping Hands, are just a few.

* Gross Motor Skills – Unique activities to support physical fitness, coordination and explore our outdoor environment.

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Ages Served:

18 months – 5th Grade

Hours of Operation:

Full Day 7:00am–5:00pm Half Day 7:00am–12:00pm

Beginning Preschool & Toddler Program:

T/Th Full or Half Day M/W/F Full or Half Day
M-F Full or Half Day

Preschool Program:

T/TH Full or Half Day M/W/F Full or Half Day
M-F Full or Half Day

School-Age Program:

We offer several programs for K-5th grade with a two day minimum per week.